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  • English & French Programs

    BLI offers numerous types of English and French programs. Depending on your interests or specific academic/professional goals, you may enroll in a general English or French course, a conversation course, listening classes, test preparation classes (including preparation for Toefl, Toeic, PET, FCE or CAE, DALF, DELF), specialized business English·French courses, and grammar-intensive courses, among other options.




    You may select how intensively you would like your program to be, depending on your own schedule and needs.

    For international students looking for an excellent immersion experience, we recommend our Intensive programs that offer 24, 30 and 35 lesson per week options, that may be enhanced with semi-private and private lessons - or "lessons a la carte".

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  • Bussines Programs

    BLI Business School offers customized programs to executives and business people.  All programs are designed depending on the student's needs, tailored to their own schedule and convenience.

    BLI will ensure that you are part of an immersion program that will help you learn everything you need in your professional domain.

    BLI offers group, semi private and private lessons, and students can choose the intensity of the program.



  • Teen program



    During the summer and winter months BLI offers a program specifically designed for teens who are between 13 and 17 years old.  This program is called the Foreign Language Assistance Program (Flap). 

    Our Flap program is a unique opportunity to improve your French and English communicational skills. Thanks to our dedicated and passionate teachers and to the energetic counselors and coordinators, we offer quality instruction that is balanced with entertaining and fun cultural and recreational activities both in Montreal and in Quebec. 


  • Pathway


    The BLI Pathway program is a course in English that provides advanced ESL students with the opportunity to improve their academic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.


    Upon completion of BLI's Pathway program, students are eligible for Canadian university programs. 



    BLI Work and Study programs have been designed by professionals to offer our students the opportunity of living the language by immersing in the Canadian work environment.


    We offer different options to you depending on your specific goals.


    Volunteering, professional internships and casual work experience programs (Wep) are among your choices. 


    The helpful staff at BLI will assist you in determining your best option.





  • Specialized programs









    BLI Bilingual Horizon

    A bilingual year could be one of the most special and exciting experience of your life.  It gives you the opportunity of achieving a high level of both the English and French languages, and of living in two beautiful Canadian cities: Montreal and Quebec. 



    BLI Languages on the Move

    Study English or French for 3 weeks, one of which you will travel around beauiful Canada. 





 You don't have time to attend school?

Bli now offers

ON-LINE courses 


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BLI will help you learn the language you choose using communicative approach in a friendly environment. Our Schools are both located in the central areas of Quebec's most captivating cities: Montreal and Quebec. All our staff is qualified, friendly and helpful.

BLI'S prices are very competitive! You can choose how intensive you want your program to be.  We offer three types of programs. Contact us and a member of our staff will assess your needs and help you find the program that best suits your needs.

If you are in Montreal or in Quebec, visit us and take a free English/French lesson.

Making new friends and having fun while you learn is part of BLI's experience. Leaning goes beyond the classroom.

BLI organizes everyday activities and trips for you to discover and explore the province of Quebec and its surroundings. You could see the infamous Niagara Falls, go whale watching on the Saint Lawrence River, go on top of the CN tower, visit Ottawa's or Quebec's parliament, and go skiing during the winter. You will know places that go beyond your imagination!

BLI offers several types of Study and work programs as part of its curriculum. You can choose between professional internships, and casual work. These programs will help you to live the language.

Need help

Need help?


If you are in need of help or have any questions regarding our programs you may use one of the links below.




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